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Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recap

February was a short month, but there was a lot going on!

1. Attorney General Confirms State Will Appeal Abortion Ultrasound Law

Image Source: National Right to Life
On February 7, Attorney General Roy Cooper said the state will appeal the recently rejected abortion ultrasound law. This provision, part of the 2011 Women's Right to Know Act, would require an abortionist to display and describe the ultrasound to each woman seeking an abortion. Although ultrasounds were previously required by the state and are already standard procedures before abortions, in January Judge Catherine Eagles issued a permanent injunction against the provision, stating that requiring doctors to describe the images violated their freedom of speech rights. 

Ultrasounds are high on the list of controversial sub-topics when it comes to abortion, but they are vital to an expectant woman's decision-making process. Too often, mothers are ignorant of their unborn babies' development, and having the opportunity to witness for themselves what their children look like at 8 weeks could influence their decision. What they see on the screen is not someone else's opinion, but a factual representation of pre-born life. Many post-abortive women say that if they had only known the truth about their baby, they would not have chosen abortion.

NCRTL president Barbara Holt expressed her approval of the Attorney General's decision. "We are pleased that Attorney General Roy Cooper has decided to defend NC's ultrasound law in spite of his opposition to the pro-life provision.  A mother has the right to an opportunity to see an ultrasound image of her unborn child and to hear her baby's heartbeat in advance of an abortion.  How else can she make a fully informed decision to have the abortion, which will take the life of her unborn child?  This is critically important information about her developing unborn child which many mothers who later regret their abortions say they wish they had been given at the time of their abortions."

2. Thanks

Our February 8th campaign to thank our pro-life legislators was a success! Almost 500 people saw our Facebook post, and many others saw our tweets.Thank you to everyone who shared our graphic on Facebook, tweeted #NC4Life and #ProLifeNC, and contacted your pro-life elected officials in support and appreciation. We know they were grateful to hear from us! 

Please continue to support your pro-life legislators in the coming year, and remember to vote pro-life! 

3. Choose Life Plates

On February 11, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate is unconstitutional because a pro-abortion plate was not also permitted. North Carolina Right to Life and other pro-life groups remain hopeful that a "Choose Life" plate will eventually be offered in North Carolina. 

Barbara Holt commented, "The 'Choose Life' plate simply affirms childbirth, in which the state has legitmate interest. Thanks to our current legislature, to help vulnerable mothers, the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship is receiving $250,000 through a special budget apppropriation to make up for those funds being lost from the sale of the plates because of the litigation and this ruling."

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