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Friday, April 11, 2014

NRLC, Representative Stam Endorse Tillis for Senate

Rep. Thom Tillis
This week, both National Right to Life and Representative Paul "Skip" Stam have endorsed Speaker of the NC House Thom Tillis for U.S. Senate. 

In a statement released by National Right to Life, president Carol Tobias describes Tillis as "an outspoken leader in the fight to protect innocent human life in North Carolina, and . . . the only candidate with a proven record of leadership who can defeat pro-abortion Sen. Kay Hagan this fall.

Representative Stam also notes Tillis' excellent pro-life accomplishments as Speaker of the House in the General Assembly. He additionally comments on his solid conservative leadership and ability to work with Democrats and Republicans alike to pass commonsense legislation on the state level. 

Representative Tillis and several other Republican candidates will be on the May 6 primary ballot. Please encourage your pro-life friends to vote!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Oratory Contest for High School Students

The annual Jane B. Thompson Oratory Contest (Regional Competition) will be May 17, 2014, in Greensboro! 

To participate, interested high school juniors and seniors should fill out the registration form and prepare a 5-7 minute speech on a pro-life topic. Appropriate issues include abortion, infanticide, euthanasia/assisted suicide, and stem cell research.

The winner of the regional competition will receive admittance to Camp Joshua NC, as well as a chance to compete in the national competition at the National Right to Life Convention in June. As the national competition is in Louisville, KY, our regional winner will receive up to $300 to be used for travel expenses to the convention. 

At the national competition, regional winners from each state compete for the $1000 prize and the opportunity to give their speech at the popular closing banquet. 

For more information or to register, please visit

Stephen Holly, 2013 Regional Winner

Friday, March 21, 2014

Academy Deadline Extended!

It's not too late! College students interested in receiving an outstanding education from the leaders of the pro-life movement still have time to apply to the National Right to Life Academy.

The NRL Academy is a five week summer program located in Washington, D.C., at National Right to Life's headquarters. Students spend their days studying with the country's experts on abortion, euthanasia, and
medical ethics; by completing the course, students can earn three college credits through the Franciscan University of Steubenville's Human Life Studies program. 

Although the Academy's curriculum is challenging, the summer is not without fun! Attendees have ample time in the evenings and on the weekends to explore the city and visit its many attractions. Best of all? You're guaranteed to make solid pro-life friendships with people from all over the country. 

North Carolina has had the privilege of sending a total of five students to the NRL Academy since its founding in 2007. This is, in part, due to the Scholarship for Life, a full-tuition scholarship for one NC student each year. 

Still need convincing? Here's what some of our graduates have to say about the Academy:

"This summer has reaffirmed and strengthened my knowledge and hope of the pr-life movement. I have made connections that I will cherish for a lifetime. I am truly blessed to be chosen to this lifetime opportunity." -Will Moore, 2013

"The Academy has made me more aware of how much we have accomplished in the movement and how much work that needs to be done. It renewed my enthusiasm to protect the vulnerable among us." -Teresa Pincus, 2012

"My five weeks at the Academy gave me a greatly expanded knowledge about various life issues, but more importantly, I learned how to effectively implement that knowledge by practicing lobbying, debating, and giving speeches. I still use these important skills in discussions today.... The Academy is a place where pro-life students can meet each other and form lasting friendships in support for life." -Sarah Urdzik, 2012 

To apply to the Academy, simply send in the form found here. Then, fill out the Scholarship for Life application and inform our office of your interest in attending the Academy. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Save the Date!

The 44th Annual National Right to Life Convention is just around the corner! This year, join pro-lifers from all over the country in Louisville, Kentucky, from June 26-28 for informational workshops, inspiring speeches, and an all-around great time! 

This year's speakers include National Right to Life President Carol Tobias; Kathryn Jean Lopez, editor-at-large of The National Review Online; Bobby Schindler, executive director of the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network; and many more! 

Registration is now open, with many different rates to choose from (adult, senior, student, couple, etc). Teenagers who would enjoy learning more about pro-life issues are also welcome to attend, as the Teens for Life Convention meets at the same time. For families with small children, complete childcare services are available. 

Special events, such as the Prayer Breakfast and Closing "Stand for Life!" Banquet, require additional tickets. 

Visit the convention website for more information!

Friday, March 7, 2014

National Right to Life Releases Report, "The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States"

From the National Right to Life Committee: 

National Right to Life Releases New Report
Examining the Effect of the Affordable Care Act in the United States

WASHINGTON – With a March 31, 2014, deadline impending for open enrollment in the insurance exchanges established by “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” (also known as Obamacare), the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics at the National Right to Life Committee today issued a new report, “The Affordable Care Act and Health Care Access in the United States.” The report analyzes four fundamental policy areas of Obamacare and concludes that they will drastically limit access to life-saving medical treatment under the law. These four areas include: the “excess benefit” tax coming into effect in 2018, the current exclusion of adequate health Insurance plans from the exchanges, present limits on senior citizens’ ability to use their own money for health insurance, and federal limits on the care doctors give their patients to be implemented as soon as 2016.

“For pro-life Americans concerned about the impact on innocent human life—both born and unborn—the policies of Obamacare couldn’t be worse,” said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. “Americans are just as concerned with the law’s impact on our ability to access life-saving medical treatment for ourselves, our family members, and our loved ones as with Obamacare’s funding of abortions. Obamacare is bad medicine for America.”

Since it was first debated in Congress, National Right to Life’s Powell Center for Medical Ethics has argued that key provisions of Obamacare would limit what Americans could spend—out of their own funds—to access life-saving medical treatment. As the Center’s new report concludes, Americans will see a significant shift in how they are able to access health care, and just what types of treatment they will be able to obtain.

As documented by media reports and the language of the law itself, Obamacare will limit access to life-saving treatment in four different ways:

1. Obamacare imposes a 40% excise tax on employer-paid health insurance premiums above a governmentally imposed limit that does not keep up with medical inflation. Consequently, insurance companies will be forced to impose increasingly severe restraints on policy-holders’ access to medical diagnosis and treatment—limits that will make it harder to get often-expensive treatments essential to combatting life-threatening illnesses.

2. Under Obamacare, consumers using the exchanges may only choose plans offered by insurers who do not allow their customers to spend what government bureaucrats deem an “excessive or unjustified” amount for their health insurance – regardless of whether the insurers offer such plans inside or outside of the exchanges established by the law.

3. Most senior citizens know that the law will significantly cut government funding for Medicare, but they may not be aware of the law’s provision allowing Washington bureaucrats to prevent them from making up the Medicare shortfall with their own funds by limiting their right to spend their own money to obtain insurance less likely to limit treatments that could save their lives.

4. The “Independent Payment Advisory Board” is directed to recommend measures to limit spending on health care to a growth rate below medical inflation – not just for Medicare, but also for all private, nongovernmental health care spending. The federal Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) is then authorized to implement these measures by placing limits on the treatments providers may give their patients by requiring them to abide by so-called “quality and efficiency standards” imposed by HHS.

“Obamacare authorizes Washington bureaucrats to create one uniform, national standard of care that is designed to limit what private citizens are allowed to spend to save their own lives,” stated Burke Balch, J.D., director of the Robert Powell Center for Medical Ethics. “We are convinced most Americans do not believe that the government should limit the right of Americans to use their own money for health care necessary to save their lives. Yet, that is exactly what Obamacare does. ”

The report is available from the National Right to Life Communications Department

Founded in 1968, National Right to Life, the federation of 50 state right-to-life affiliates and more than 3,000 local chapters, is the nation's oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement, NRLC works through legislation and education to protect innocent human life from abortion, infanticide, assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Friday, February 28, 2014

February Recap

February was a short month, but there was a lot going on!

1. Attorney General Confirms State Will Appeal Abortion Ultrasound Law

Image Source: National Right to Life
On February 7, Attorney General Roy Cooper said the state will appeal the recently rejected abortion ultrasound law. This provision, part of the 2011 Women's Right to Know Act, would require an abortionist to display and describe the ultrasound to each woman seeking an abortion. Although ultrasounds were previously required by the state and are already standard procedures before abortions, in January Judge Catherine Eagles issued a permanent injunction against the provision, stating that requiring doctors to describe the images violated their freedom of speech rights. 

Ultrasounds are high on the list of controversial sub-topics when it comes to abortion, but they are vital to an expectant woman's decision-making process. Too often, mothers are ignorant of their unborn babies' development, and having the opportunity to witness for themselves what their children look like at 8 weeks could influence their decision. What they see on the screen is not someone else's opinion, but a factual representation of pre-born life. Many post-abortive women say that if they had only known the truth about their baby, they would not have chosen abortion.

NCRTL president Barbara Holt expressed her approval of the Attorney General's decision. "We are pleased that Attorney General Roy Cooper has decided to defend NC's ultrasound law in spite of his opposition to the pro-life provision.  A mother has the right to an opportunity to see an ultrasound image of her unborn child and to hear her baby's heartbeat in advance of an abortion.  How else can she make a fully informed decision to have the abortion, which will take the life of her unborn child?  This is critically important information about her developing unborn child which many mothers who later regret their abortions say they wish they had been given at the time of their abortions."

2. Thanks

Our February 8th campaign to thank our pro-life legislators was a success! Almost 500 people saw our Facebook post, and many others saw our tweets.Thank you to everyone who shared our graphic on Facebook, tweeted #NC4Life and #ProLifeNC, and contacted your pro-life elected officials in support and appreciation. We know they were grateful to hear from us! 

Please continue to support your pro-life legislators in the coming year, and remember to vote pro-life! 

3. Choose Life Plates

On February 11, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that North Carolina's "Choose Life" license plate is unconstitutional because a pro-abortion plate was not also permitted. North Carolina Right to Life and other pro-life groups remain hopeful that a "Choose Life" plate will eventually be offered in North Carolina. 

Barbara Holt commented, "The 'Choose Life' plate simply affirms childbirth, in which the state has legitmate interest. Thanks to our current legislature, to help vulnerable mothers, the Carolina Pregnancy Care Fellowship is receiving $250,000 through a special budget apppropriation to make up for those funds being lost from the sale of the plates because of the litigation and this ruling."

Friday, February 21, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again!

The National Right to Life Academy is once again accepting applications! If you are a college student interested in a summer in Washington, D.C. and a life-changing pro-life education, this is for you! 

What is the Academy? From the website

The National Right to Life Academy is a unique, five-week academic summer course for college students who are eager to put their pro-life passion to work. Students have the opportunity to earn 3 college credits through the Human Life Studies Program from the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

$3600 tuition includes lodging at a university residence in downtown Washington, D.C., registration, room and board at the 2014 National Right to Life Convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and five weeks of the most comprehensive pro-life education around

If you're looking at the tuition cost and thinking, "I could never afford that," that's okay. Every year, North Carolina Right to Life offers the Scholarship for Life, which covers tuition for one student. When you apply to the Right to Life Academy, contact our office and let us know you're interested. We'll be happy to work with you through the application process. 

Since 2007, five students have represented North Carolina at the Academy. Their enthusiasm for the Academy is unparalleled, and if you'd like a student's perspective of the program, check out what they have to say here

Applications for the Summer 2014 course are due by March 15th, so hurry and apply today!