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Friday, December 20, 2013

NCRTL News, Delivered to Your Inbox

Did you know NCRTL sends out email alerts and web newsletters? We do! Our e-alerts are great for keeping up to date with the latest pro-life happenings in North Carolina. 

When the General Assembly is not in session, we send out biweekly email newsletters packed full of news, information about upcoming events, blog posts, and anything else we think you should know. It's an easy way to stay informed, and because we only send them every two weeks, you won't feel overwhelmed with emails. 

During the legislative sessions, we send out action alerts so that you know exactly what's happening with our pro-life legislation. You'll learn about the bills we're supporting or opposing, as well as what you can do to help. Sometimes all we need is for our grassroots supporters to call their legislators about a particular bill, but if something really important is happening, we may ask you to come to the Legislative Building for a pro-life presence!

Last summer, our legislation drew so much attention that Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups rallied and lobbied in pink T-shirts, so we asked our supporters to come in wearing blue. We sponsored a Pro-Life Information and Lobby Day in April, and when our bills were up for vote later in the summer, we urged everyone to show their support by sitting in the galleries during debates. 

Signing up for e-alerts is a simple first step in becoming more acquainted with NCRTL's life-saving work. If you've ever wanted to be more knowledgeable about North Carolina's pro-life activity or more active in the movement, consider signing up!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Prayer Breakfast, Rally, and March for Life Coming Soon!

On Saturday, January 18th we will be commemorating the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade with our annual prayer breakfast, rally, and March for Life. 

The Prayer Breakfast for Life, founded in 2000, brings together committed pro-lifers who are eager to celebrate our victories and become energized for another year of life-saving work. 

Steven Mosher
This year's featured speaker is Steven Mosher, president of The Population Research Institute, an internationally recognized authority on China and population issues, and an acclaimed author and speaker. He was worked tirelessly since 1979 to fight coercive population control programs and has helped hundreds of thousands of women and families worldwide. 

This year, the Prayer Breakfast for Life will be held at the Sheraton in downtown Raleigh. The doors will open at 9 in the morning, with the buffet opening at 9:30 and the program beginning at 10 o'clock. Ticket pricing, directions, and more details about the program can be found on our website here

The Rally for Life will begin at 1pm in Nash Square. Confirmed speakers include Barbara Holt, president of NC Right to Life, Steven Mosher, president of The Population Research Institute, the Very Rev. Michael Burbidge, Bishop of Raleigh, and William Moore, 2014 Scholarship for Life recipient and NRL Academy graduate. 

This event is most effective when lots of people attend, so bring a crowd! Families, church groups, and youth groups are especially encouraged to attend. Your presence has an influence on all who see you, and you will be making a stand for life! 

Following the rally there will be a March for Life through the streets of Raleigh, with refreshments at the end. NCRTL will also provide literature and pro-life materials for anyone interested.