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Friday, January 3, 2014

Guest Post: NCSU Students for Life

**Thanks to Teresa Pincus, president of NCSU Students for Life, for submitting this post!**

This past semester has certainly been an eventful one for our pro-life group on campus despite the usual business of obtaining a college degree and the difficulties associated with it. Students for Life started the semester with a bang by participating in recruitment fairs to promote our message and our club. We were able to meet many people and had some good discussions.

Our first impactful activity was participating in National Pro-life Chalk Day. We wrote loving, truthful messages around the more populated spots on campus.  The next day, we were in for a surprise. Our messages were defaced in support of “women’s choice.”  The same tired rhetoric of bodily autonomy and scare tactics of illegal abortions where used to justify the dismemberment of tiny human beings. No one cared to address the issue at hand. The abortion is the intent to kill human beings at early stages of development

 As the semester progressed, we held some meetings that discussed the pro-life movement and reviewed pro-life arguments. Then, we were invited to join pro-lifers around the state at the North Carolina Right to Life Banquet.  There, we had the pleasure to meet Lt. Governor Dan Forrest and Carol Tobias, the President of National Right to Life Committee.  Both of these great pro-life leaders inspired us to continue to be unapologetic voices for those who cannot speak for themselves. It was a great opportunity to mingle and connect with the pro-life community in North Carolina.

Soon, the pro-life month of October was upon us. This month is very busy for us and the pro-life movement. We participated in the national campaigns of Life Chain, Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity, and 40 Days for Life. Also, we volunteered to run the NC Right to Life education booth at the state fair. At the booth, we were able to talk to people and raise awareness about the humanity of the unborn. The best part was watching children marvel at the tiny babies in the fetal development display.

One of the biggest events we held on campus was the Planned Parenthood Project. We borrowed a display from Students for Life of America that described how Planned Parenthood profits from the most vulnerable people of society: unborn children. Along with the signs, we set up roughly 915 crosses that represented the 915 lives that Planned Parenthood takes daily.

While the weather was anything but ideal (note the umbrellas), we still made waves on campus. Some students who stopped by learned that Planned Parenthood performs abortions, a fact that they did not previously know. Some stopped by just to spew profanities. A few stopped to have a dialogue with us and others stopped by in support of this project. Not only were people upset about our group being vocal about our pro-life beliefs, but they were upset that we were exposing truth about Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood only cares about its bottom line and not women. 

To end the semester, we held our first ever diaper drive.  These diapers were donated to the Gabriel Project, who helps parents with young children. We are proud to support the Gabriel Project because not only do we care about children in utero, but we care about children’s wellbeing once they are born.

It is very important for us to engage in many of the different aspects of the pro-life movement, not only on our campus, but in our community. The movement is so diverse that there is a place for everyone. By exposing ourselves to the variety of approaches the movement takes, we can find our niche and work to further advance the culture of life. If you are a student at NC State or intend to become a part of the Wolfpack in the fall, I encourage you to get in touch with us or follow us on Facebook.  We have accomplished so much and we look forward to the following semester of activism. 

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