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Friday, November 29, 2013

Pro-Life Essay Contest!

Attention students! Are you pro-life? Have you ever thought about why? This is your chance! 

The annual National Right to Life Pro-Life Essay Contest is accepting submissions beginning December 16, 2013 and ending January 22, 2014. Each essay should address the subject "Why I am Pro-Life" in 300-500 words (1-2 typed pages). The competition is open to students in grades 7-12, and participants are split into categories based on their grade level. 

This essay competition may not strike you as important, but there are several reasons why students should participate. 

On the most basic level, this is a great opportunity to practice and improve writing skills. Not only will this help students excel in their classes at school, it will also help them on college aptitude tests and beyond. Even if you don't plan to enter a field that requires frequent papers, you should still have a solid foundation in writing. Oftentimes, people will see your writing samples before they meet you; do you want their first impression to be, "This person doesn't write well?" Whether you're writing a resume, an email, or a dissertation, you need to know how to formulate your thoughts clearly. 

From the pro-life perspective, the ability to express opinions well is vital. Did you know that college-aged women are more likely to have abortions than any other demographic? Too many young men and women grow up never thinking about why they are pro-life, making them vulnerable to the cultural mentality that abortion is just another choice. Students should think through the "whys" behind their pro-life beliefs before they're faced with a challenging situation. This essay contest requires students to think critically on the subject--500 words may sound like a lot, but people have written entire books on why they're pro-life! To do this assignment well, students will have to work to find and express the heart of their pro-life beliefs. 

This is also a chance to learn and share with your family and friends. Part of fostering a pro-life culture is allowing our pro-life education to grow with us. Young children may not need to know the graphic details about abortion, but they are fascinated by fetal development. Kids often look up to older siblings, and if they witness you openly sharing your thoughts on pro-life issues, they will remember. Someone who grows up knowing a baby is a baby and who takes the time to understand why he or she is pro-life is much more likely to make life-affirming decisions or counsel others to do so when they are older. You never know what seeds you may plant in someone's heart. 

Finally, what a great opportunity to learn something new, write about something you care about, and possibly win some money! You have to admit, it's a pretty good deal.

For more details about the requirements for the competition, please visit our website

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