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Friday, April 26, 2013

Pro-life Lobby Day a Success

Thanks to our faithful grassroots supporters, Tuesday’s Pro-life Lobby Day was a success.  Approximately 150 people of all ages and backgrounds came to Raleigh’s Legislative Building to show their support for the pro-life legislation.

The day began with approximately 15 organizations setting up pro-life display tables in two of the main floor’s courts. Legislators, staff, and visitors strolling through had the opportunity to pick up literature, study the displays, and speak to the groups’ representatives.

At 11:30, everyone gathered in the 3rd floor auditorium to hear pro-life legislators speak. Lieutenant Governor Forest, Speaker Pro Tempore Stam, and individuals from both the House and Senate spoke to the crowd about the importance of pro-life legislation. Afterwards, the audience was invited to pick up free T-shirts and to visit their representatives.

NCRTL had two shirts for people to choose from, and both were popular. Though most men opted for the white “Americans born to be free if only they were free to be born” shirt, the pink “No Sex Selection Abortions” option also went well.  All participants also received “Opt out! Abortion is not healthcare!” stickers. Hopefully lots of our legislators noticed the pro-life supporters wandering the halls with the shirts and stickers on!

To conclude the event, everyone was invited to sit in either the House or Senate gallery when the legislators went into session. If they didn’t see the pro-life crowd in the halls, they probably saw them in the gallery.

NCRTL was pleased by the success of our Pro-life Lobby Day, but we encourage all our grassroots supporters to continue contacting their representatives and urging them to support pro-life legislation. A simple phone call or email makes an impact, and a personal visit is even better. Our legislators are working hard to pass pro-life laws, but they need to know that their constituents support them. You can make a difference in the lives of unborn children simply by lending your voice for a few minutes!

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