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Monday, March 14, 2011

First Hearing on Unborn Victims of Violence Act/Ethen’s Law Slated for Wednesday, March 16

North Carolina Right to Life supports the passage of The Unborn Victims of Violence Act/Ethen’s Law (UVVA), H215, which is modeled after the Federal UVVA passed in 2004 and signed by President George W. Bush.

The bill will come up for “discussion only” in the Judiciary Sub Committee B, chaired by Reps. Paul Stam and Sarah Stevens, on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 at 10:00 am in Room 421 of the Legislative Office Building.  It is important for the members of the sub committee, especially the Democrats, to hear from their constituents.

Even though they are not supposed to be voting on Wednesday, the committee members need to hear from constituents urging them to support the bill when it comes up for a vote.  To see a list of the members of the committee, click here. By following this link, you can get to the web page for your particular legislator who is on the committee.  Phone calls are preferred to emails.  If you can only send an email, be sure to put Support H215 in the subject line of the email.

H215 recognizes the unborn child as a second victim when the unborn child is injured or dies during the commission of a crime.  Currently, if an unborn child dies or is injured on federal property located in North Carolina, the criminal can be charged for the injury or death of the child; yet, the same person could not be charged for the injury or death of the unborn child if the same crime was committed any where else in North Carolina. 

Passage of H215 will correct this inequity.  The victims’ families are seeking and deserve justice for their families and recognition that two of their family members have been affected when their pregnant daughters and grandchildren have been killed or injured.

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