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Monday, August 2, 2010

Elective Abortion is a Covered Benefit in a UNC System Wide Student Health Plan

The University of North Carolina Board of Governors has contracted with Pearce and Pearce to provide a system wide student health insurance plan, containing elective abortion as a covered benefit, for those students who do not have insurance through their parents, through an employer, or individually. Abortion is listed under the benefits' summary for the plan and says that elective abortion will be covered up to a $500 maximum benefit with 80% of PPO Allowance (in network) and a 70% of R & C (out of network).

The affected students will have to pay a student fee up to $750/year or $375/semester for the university provided plan.

North Carolina Right to Life contends that the UNC System, as a state supported system, should not be providing a student health plan that includes elective abortion as a covered benefit. Surely Pearce and Pearce would be very happy to exclude elective abortion as a covered benefit if the University made such a request.

Pro-life students, affected by this new policy, and parents of these students should protest this requirement and formally request that the benefit for elective abortion coverage should not be part of the student health insurance plan required by the University system. Pro-life alumni of the university system should lend their voices to those of the affected students to request that the benefit be excluded from the plan.

North Carolina Right to Life will continue to monitor this plan and bring updates as they are available. Those who have any contact with the UNC University system concerning this matter are encouraged to email us at to let us know if the university demonstrates its willingness to opt out of the elective abortion coverage for the student health plan required under their policy.

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