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Monday, September 14, 2009

911, Pro-lifer Murdered in Michigan, and Health Care Abortion Funding

Greensboro, NC-Recently, we mourned the many innocent victims of 911 and renewed our vow never to forget those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. Enemies of our country used airplanes to kill innocent people in Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington, DC. Each day in America, abortion providers use instruments and drugs to kill innocent unborn babies. We must never forget them and the fact that this killing goes on behind closed doors every day of every year.

Regrettably, 911 will also be a day of remembrance of an elderly pro-life activist with disabilities named Jim Pouillon who was shot as he peacefully sat holding a his pro-life sign across the street from a Michigan high school. He is described as a man who abhorred violence of any kind, especially the violence of abortion. He knew that every day in the United States about 3,500 innocent unborn babies lose their lives to abortion and with each abortion, another mother is scarred forever and families will mourn those they will never know.

Since 1973, 50 million innocent unborn babies have died because of the so-called “right to choose” or “reproductive rights.” Those who support abortion on demand use code words like “reproductive health” and “choice” when they speak about their support for abortion. There is an excellent example of how these code words are used at in a video where Barack Obama speaks to Planned Parenthood.

Now, abortion will be greatly expanded if Barack Obama and the pro-abortion leadership in the Congress get their way. If health care is passed without explicitly excluding abortion, there will federal funding of abortion in a scale that will dwarf the number of abortions previously done annually. We, as people who rightly mourn the thousands who died on 911, mourn also the 50 million unborn children who have died. We must vow to never forget them by working to keep any health care plan from being used to finance with federal funds abortion on demand.

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